Suitcase & Training Activities

The PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase is a most effective training tool that carries the festival's creative and challenging atmosphere worldwide. The Suitcase comes packed with the best and most innovative entries from each festival. Often it is combined with training programme on specific subjects (e. g., Script Writing). The Suitcase can be presented to media professionals, educators, researchers, parents and children. More on ‘How to organize a Suitcase screening’.

The PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase is a ‘frequent traveller’: In 2015 it made 33 stops in 29 countries, inspiring children as well as professionals on all continents. The Goethe Institut, the German Cultural Centre with offices in almost all capitals of the world is PRIX JEUNESSE’s close partner in organizing and hosting Suitcase and training workshops. A special PRIX JEUNESSE-Goethe-Suitcase holds the best programmes of the last festival.

Additionally, thematic Suitcases are being offered that focus on specific topics.

If you want to arrange a Suitcase screening and/or training, please contact the PRIX JEUNESSE office or the local office of the Goethe-Institut in your country.

For media literacy projects for a children’s audience please check out the website