The “PRIX JEUNESSE Interactivity Prize” honours excellence in digital extensions of a broadcaster’s multi-platform strategy, for a children’s TV programme or series. Eligible media include (but are not limited to) websites, interactive TV, games, and mobile apps.

One Interactivity Prize will be given, across all targeted age-groups.


The criteria are similar to the television competition, but adapted to the special possibilities of interactive digital media and its cross-media relationship with associated television programming. Entries will be scored in four major areas: Idea, Script (or Content), Realization and Target Audience. Judges will also consider special factors such as safety and responsibility to the child audience, extraordinary efforts to connect with young people “where they are,” best use of the chosen platform’s possibilities, and innovation in content or format.

Who May Enter:

Up to 2 entries are allowed per company. They may come from the broadcaster or an independent interactive producer, with permission of the rights-owning or licensing broadcaster.

The related television programme does not have to be entered in PRIX JEUNESSE.

Entry Requirements:

We realize there are technological, cultural, linguistic and other challenges in reviewing diverse forms of interactive media from around the world. Therefore, we will leave it to the producer/distributor to decide how best to “show off” the entry. Beyond the entry form, you are invited to submit a brief presentation in any medium that PRIX JEUNESSE can easily post on a (closed) web site for judges to review.

For example: A website entry could include links to the live site. A mobile application may submit download codes for the preselection jurors if the app is available worldwide, or instead provide short videos that show and explain the idea, if the app is geo-blocked or limited to certain mobile carriers. A game-maker could send screen shots, video of game play, or even an interactive demo.


Six finalists will be chosen by an international jury of children’s media experts. The jury will review the entry forms and presentations, discuss them online, and vote for the finalists.


As with the TV contest, the goal is not only to honour outstanding work, but to discuss and evolve standards of excellence for emerging technologies. Therefore, all finalists will be presented during a special session at the festival (25 – 30 May in Munich), to be followed by discussion and voting.

Finalists are strongly encouraged to ensure that someone attends PRIX JEUNESSE to represent their entry at the special session.If that is not possible, finalists must submit a video or similar presentation for the special session.

Any PRIX JEUNESSE participant who attends the Interactivity session is eligible to vote. Final ballots must be turned in after the special session. The highest rated interactivity project will be awarding with a prize globe right at the end of the session. 
Interactivity Prize entry form
Deadline for entries: 11 December 2017

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